Slitherio Mod Chrome Extension Download

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Hello guys today i am going to share SlitheriO Mod Chrome Extension Download  which is recently searched by many of slitherio players nowdays.

Slitherio Mod Chrome Extension Download


For updagration, the mod is a script that modifies the client. We created an extension for ease of access, though it was originally a Tampermonkey script.

You can choose to take the unfair path if you feeling  little bit mean and can also choose to modify your game advantages or hacks .This way ,it is easier for you to win ,at the cost of other players.Just install hacks and voila!no need to have skill.You can see them earlier than they see you by zooming out.

If you are looking Slither .io Mods “slither io” “Slitherio” for modification of the game,which aid you in playing,but don’t give you an unfair advantage,you can check out this category.Graphics quality mods ,connect with friends mods and background changers and more skin are also their.check it out ,there are nice modifications.


  • -For zoom in and zoom out Use your mouse
  • -Get to know your current position.
  • -With FPS counter track your FPS
  • -Track the IP of your friends server with your current server’s IP adress
  • -Play together and connect to your friend’s IP
  • -No worries  if you owe a low-end system?.The plain backgrounc makes it compatible with any systems
  • -You can also choose your  graphic mode whic is compatible with your system
  • -Play with your friends(direct connect to the server)
  • -settings and nick savings
  • -ESC -quick resp.
  • -Server for selection


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