New Slitherio Bots

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Grow your snake using  slither io bots   and that is possible by using the application given here. People are more interested towards this game and it is our new release of  slitherio bots  and it is working for any browser and mobile devices. This kind of bot will give you a new way to win over others and grow your snake long enough without any harm. It is not the first attempt to make this slither io bots, however we have included automatic update along with the anti-ban script to stay on the server. It will be life saver even if you are very small in length. Unlocking new skin is easy by sharing the game, but only using this


How To Use The Slitherio Bots


Easy way to get the slither io bots is to use the download button given below. Remember that, it is only way you can get the real speed and can avoid the enemy who try to destroy you. Fast movements using continuous press is offered to increase the speed, however you will definitely lose your length of snake. But, using our slitherio bot  one can avoid this draw back and it is working for popular browsers.


We have divided the instructions for both PC and Mobile. For mobile, we do also special application to download, just use that.


For Pc User


We don’t recommend extra plugin in both mozilla firefox and chrome because, this game is frequently updated to patch the tricks. Therefore, we have designed the special slither io bot application that will help you on any situation.

You just need to get our slitherio bot in your computer. Use the download button given below to begin your journey. People are try to exit this game due to lag, but don’t get tensed and the problem will be solved.





Avoid Head Collisions


Using this option, one can automatically avoid collision from different direction. For example, if some want to cross against your snake, this slither io bot can turn your snake without any control from you.




Allow Zoom

You might have amazed by seeing long snake, they are just using script in the browser. Moreover, this method has been patched in new release. Therefore, this slither io bot act like cheat engine and change the option according to the updates. So, no need to worry about the upcoming version, just use the slitherio bots given here.




Attract Near Snakes

Powerful option to eat the snakes is by using attraction power. Other user will lose their control for some time when they near. Take that moment and capture all the glow until it spilt in to many pieces.




Instructions For Mobile

You must install the latest slither io app in your android or IOS device such as iPhone and IPad. Once you have done the process, you don’t need to open the app. Instead, just use slither io bots  to enable suitable options. Now you can able to grow your snake’s length up to maximum for securing first place in your leader board. We hope that you will enjoy the game with slitherio bots.







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